Saturday, September 25, 2010

Halloween Frame

It's almost October, and you know what that means...the best holiday of the year is almost here! Time for Halloween crafts! My mom actually did one of these first, after seeing one in one of the shops around here. So I did one too, but with candy! Starts off with a picture frame, a piece of scrapbook paper, a vintage Halloween card, some ribbon, and some 3D scrapbooking stickers and cutouts.

Arrange it all together and...

Ta-da! I love it. I'll probably outline the eyes with green glitter glue tomorrow. Hooray for October!


  1. Hi Sarah! What a cute blog!! I saw you quoted on when you entered a pie at the North Georgia fair. Sounds like fun!
    So, did you actually outline the eyes with green glitter glue? Sca-a-a-ry.
    Saw your folks yesterday.
    Deb Duchon

  2. How fun and easy! Thanks for sharing. Visiting from TT&J.
    Amy @ The Happy Scraps