Tuesday, December 14, 2010

And still more cupcakes!

Yes, it's an old trend in the food world, but in the crafting arena, cupcakes are still a hot topic. So here are a few of my favorite cupcake crafts.

First off, here's a tutorial from Turtle Taylor for making your own cupcake bath bombs. I used to love these when I was little. 

And another one that could have gone with yesterday's post, here are some absolutely fantastic plush desserts
from Meet the Dubiens:
And now for the more seasonal items - cupcake Christmas ornaments! Our first is a full tutorial from Bake It Pretty: 

And finally, my favorite cupcake ornaments so far (and I've seen a lot), these adorable ones from Kiwi and Kiki's Etsy shop:
Make sure to check out their full menu of ornaments. Delicious!

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