Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy December!

It's finally December - hooray! I finished my novel and we've only got a week and a half left of the semester, so life is good.

December: 5 Things in the Food and/or Crafting World I Love Right Now (in no particular order):
1. Bento! I've been obsessed for a while, but I haven't had time to make any. I'm hoping to start over the break. You can find a whole bunch of great bento sites in the box on the left, and they've all got some really creative stuff, but right now my favorite is Bentolicious.

2. Papercraft cards! I'm not sure exactly how to go about making them, but this is definitely the way we're making Christmas cards this year. My current favorite site: Ready, Set, Craft!

3. Extreme gingerbread houses! Neiman Marcus' Fantasy Catalog has a life-sized (for kids) edible gingerbread house  by Dylan's Candy Bar. Naturally, Slashfood had to make on to keep up (but NM still wins). I'll be watching this trend with great interest.
4. "Gourmet" Jewelry. Jared's is now carrying the Le Vian Chocolatier jewelry collection (see the Chocolatier info here), featuring chocolate diamonds and pearls, strawberry gold, and raspberry rhodolite. I've never been a jewelry person, but I'd wear this line!
5. Creating your own cookie cutters and/or making cutout cookies without the cutter! For a video on the latter, head over to University of Cookie, which is a fantastic resource. That post doesn't have pictures, but here's a great one from the same site:
Adorable, right? This is going to be especially useful as I get ready for the Christmas party. I have plans...impossibly grand plans. Is there any other kind?

Here's to a great December!

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