Friday, August 13, 2010

DMC Cupcake embroidery patterns

I love cross stitching and I used to be good at embroidery. I'd like to get back into it...and what better way than with the adorable cupcake patterns from DMC? I can see these on aprons, sweaters, maybe even a dress. Or maybe a purse...

Which reminds me: does anyone know how to make a baguette purse? This is what they look like:

I had a Reese's Pieces one, but it's worn out. I'd like to make a new one using food fabrics, but I can't find a pattern. I found a site that has patterns for other purses, and one that lets you pick your fabric when you order one, but I've seen that fabric at stores near me, and if I make it myself, I know it will be the right size. Any suggestions?

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