Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kid Craft: Asian Hair Sticks (Asian Party 1)

This one is a great project to do with kids for a birthday party. Of course, my roommates and I did this for one roommate's birthday this past fall, which was our senior year of college, so I guess it's just fun for all ages. I'm sorry I don't have pictures of the process, but oh well - I've got one where you can see the final product. The party was Asian themed, so I thought it would be fun to make our own geisha hair sticks (I wore mine to the restaurant - I thought it looked really cool). I realize it may be a bit of a stretch to see it as "food related," but you DO use chopsticks to make them.

Traditional geisha hairstyles are very elaborate, usually including cascades of flowers and hair sticks with long chains or ornaments hanging from them. Here's one example:
(source: from a google search). I liked the look, and you can get it pretty cheaply.

You will need:
-pretty chopsticks (I found mine at Claire's, but there are also tons of websites that sell them in bulk. If you want to, you could get plain wooden ones from a restaurant and paint them).
-long, dangling earrings (I got mine at Claire's and the Icing)
-rhinestones (if you want)

Start by taking the backings off of all the earrings. Using the pliers, bend the wire end of an earring (the part that goes in your ear) around the thick end of a chopstick. Slide the earring off, and coat the end of the chopstick with superglue. Slide it back on and tighten with the pliers if necessary. Make sure all of the wire ends are glued down to the chopstick, or you'll catch your hair or scratch yourself. If you have any ends that won't lie flat, you can cover them with rhinestones. Remember to let it dry before you put it in your hair! And that's it! It only takes a few minutes, so kids won't lose interest. Here's what my final product looked like:
(click to enlarge) I'm on the left in the glasses, and my roommate Jen is on the right. If you try this, send in pictures - I'd love to see your versions!

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