Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kid Craft: Felt Fortune Cookies (Asian Party 2)

Today's craft is from Craft Stylish. If you've got some felt and a sewing machine, you can have kids make their own fortune cookies (note: this does use a sewing machine, so you either want to do that part for them ahead of time or only do this project with older kids).

I don't want to step on anyone's toes, so I'm not going to post the instructions here. The link under the picture will take you there. This blog is not meant to infringe on copyrights - it's more a collection of food-crafts and where to find them, from the internet or stuff I'm doing.

I do have a few suggestions for this project. First, while the heart is cute, I think it would be fun to let kids make up their own fortunes. Substitute paper for the white felt and let them write whatever they want. I'd even turn it into a game: make these and put them all in a basket. After eating, pass them out randomly so everyone gets a new fortune, just like real cookies. If you wanted to, you could write them yourself as a prep for a game - put items like a heart or a star on them, and let the kids pair up for games by matching the items. You don't have to glue the fortune in - you can just slide it in.

Second, if you don't want to get out the sewing machine, I do think you can use glue for the stitches (although the end product might not look as neat). I'd do this:

1. Fold the felt circle in half like a taco. Make one cut going inward (from the straight part going towards the arc).
2. Open the circle. Pull the flaps from the cut in, and glue them together.
2. Re-fold the circle. Glue the inside rim (along the arc) shut.

Again, it's just a suggestion. If anyone tries this, let me know what works best.

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