Thursday, July 22, 2010

Quilt with Food Fabrics

So it's a short post today. I got into quilting a few months ago during a shop hop with my mom. I'd had only ever seen traditional quilts before, which I wasn't a huge fan of. But once I got to the shops, I found tons of great food fabrics! Several of the places had used them to applique, and one popular pattern used summer fruit fabrics cut into jar shapes. Check out quilting shops in your area for fun fabrics, or look online (check here and search "sweets"). A lot of stores are doing specials now for Christmas in July or early Halloween projects, so there's a lot out now!

I decided I wanted mine to be candy and snack foods. It's a little busy, a little small, and a little uneven, but it's my first quilt. I'm happy with it. I used popcorn, jellybeans, MMs, pizza, oreos, and the like. It's currently at the quilt shop getting finished (you do the top piece and then take it to the shop. They attach the padding and backing, and embroider on the top). I'll post pictures of the finished version once I get it back. I've already started my second food-themed quilt, which is an applique. Any other ideas for food print fabrics?


  1. What a stunning quilt!!!! I love the idea of this blog... combining crafts with food! So cool! HUGS!

  2. Love this quilt. Great collection of food themed fabrics.